About Me

I am a domestic private infant adoptee, that was adopted transracially by white parents in 1976, in Utah.

I was giving up at birth, and left in a hospital by my racist biological maternal family. This was done because they believed their Mormon faith could not sustain a Black child within the home. My biological mother had been dating my father for many years, even living with him, yet she chose to leave her firstborn daughter in a hospital alone. My biological mother went on to become pregnant six months later with my all-white half sister, whom was kept and raised by the very family that exiled me from it. 
My mission now it to bring awareness to the corrupt private adoption system that profits billions off of selling babies, and children. 

Why the name Outspoken?

Growing up in my white adoptive family I was taught “children are seen not heard.” Due to this ingrained belief system I didn’t see value in my own voice. This allowed for me to be put in horrible situations, because I felt as if I never would be heard, believed, or seen. Now I know that was all part of the abuse via my adoptive parents, and family. I DO have a voice, and what I have to say absolutely DOES matter!


My Adoption Story 

I've had the pleasure of being a guest on a few podcasts telling my story as a transracial adoptee.

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Conversations Podcast

Ward of the State Podcast 


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I'm excited to announce a crossover with the donor-conceived community! I had the pleasure of being a guest on

Insemination with Laura High.

My Childhood Pictures

My White Adoptive Family

My Biological Maternal Family

My Biological Paternal Family