Supporting adoptee voices 

Let's be honest being a voice for adoption reform is costly to our mental health as we are reliving our traumas of relinquishment while advocating for children in care to have a better chance than we did.  Just like any survivor of trauma, it takes a great toll on your mental health. If you looked at my statistics page, you have now learned that adoptees are 4xs more likely to commit suicide, and are overrepresented in every aspect of mental health. Unfortunately, many of us lack the ability to receive adequate trauma-informed mental healthcare in adulthood. Many will have to pay for services themselves. We have no problem supporting the voices of adoptive and foster parents, but not the voices of those most affected by adoption-the adoptee. 

If you have learned anything from my page, my story, and my advocacy, please consider supporting my voice so we can continue to support voiceless and innocent children in the system. I love the work that I do, and I am proud of it. 💜