Adoptee Search Resources

Resources to aid adoptees in their search for answers

DNA Testing Companies 

A list of DNA testing companies. Most search angels require you to have done a DNA test in order to help you with your search. 

Raw DNA Sites 

List of sites to upload raw DNA 

Search Angels 

List of sites to assist in your search for biological family

Adoptee Rights & Law

Sites offering legal information to adoptees

Adoptees For Justice is an intercountry adoptee-led organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and organize transracial and transnational adoptee communities to achieve just and humane adoption, immigration, and restorative justice systems. We envision a world where every person thrives in a safe and supportive environment in which communities of color, immigrants, and adoptees are liberated from all forces of injustice, with full citizenship for all. Our first project is to educate, organize and advocate for an Adoptee Citizenship Act that is inclusive of all adoptees.

Adoptees for Justice 


Adoptee Rights Law

Founded by an adoptee turned attorney Gregory D. Luce helps adult adopted people navigate legal challenges in obtaining their own original birth certificates, securing U.S. citizenship, and seeking information to which they are entitled. I also work to develop broader legal strategies to challenge existing legal frameworks that operate to deny adopted people basic and fundamental rights of identity.

Adoptee Rights Law


Adoptees United is led by adoptees in the United States. We are committed to a diverse board and organization that represents the interests of all adoptees, whether domestic, intercountry, transracial, or former foster youth.

Adoptees United

Alliance for Adoptee Citizenship

Our mission is to secure U.S. citizenship for all intercountry adoptees.

As individuals who were legally adopted by U.S. citizen parents, adoptees should have the resources necessary to live and thrive as American citizens. This includes access to social security benefits, driver’s licenses, jobs, education, voting, home loans, passports, and more.

Alliance for Adoptee Citizenship