Birth Father's Rights

I want to advocate that fathers have rights to parent their own children. It is a womans choice to keep a pregnancy or not, however when she decides to carry to term it becomes the decision of both the mother and the father to decide the best interest for the child going forward. Fathers should not have to fight couples that are complete genetic strangers to the child for the right to parent. The children deserve to be connected to their birth family even on their paternal side.

My Birth Father 

My Black birth father and white birth mother entered into a long-term relationship, even living together.  When my mother became pregnant my father was very aware he was going to be a father. My mother however waited till just before my due date and left while he was at work giving birth to me in the hospital alongside her family and leaving me there. The story then became on my non-identifying information that my birth father was “alleged” and wanted nothing to do with my mother. NOT his child-her.  

When I found my birth mother and inquired as to who my father was she informed me that he was nothing more than a one-night stand at a bar and she didn't know who he was.  

When I finally found my birth father and his family. He knew her full name without me even telling him.  He fully remembered the day she left and never returned with his child.

I then found out the real reason for my relinquishment was my maternal family was racist against my Black father and they didn't want a Black baby in the family, even though they made it sound like a profound mental reason she couldn't care for a child. My birth mom went on to get pregnant 6 months later with her 2nd child. This one she kept and raised with the help of the same family who insisted she couldn't care for a child, however this child was all white. My birth mother also relinquished me to keep her inheritance. 


Meet CJ

CJ the Childless Parent on Tiktok is on a mission to tell his story about losing his baby girl to adoption. Like my own father, CJ was in a relationship with the mother of his child, but when it came to the birth of his daughter he had no right to parent his own child. The mother had chosen adoption, picked a family and the adoption was set forth.  

He was able to see and hold his daughter shortly after birth, but in the end he ultimately had to hand over his child to the adoptive parents.  CJ never relinquished his rights, and was promised openness with his daughters adoptive family, but the adopters quickly closed that arrangement.  

CJ’s story is all to common with birth fathers when it comes to adoption. He is the only Black father on Tiktok speaking out against this unjust way birth-fathers are treated when wanting to raise their own children. To hear his full story check out his playlist on Tiktok by clicking the image below.

Resources for Men Who Want to Parent

The Sky Is The Limit Foundation, established in 2015 by Christopher Emanuel, is driven by a personal experience that deeply impacted his life. In February 2014, his daughter was subjected to an unethical and predatory adoption without his consent. However, due to his foresight in registering on The South Carolina Responsible Father Registry, he was able to intervene and establish his rights as a father. Despite the numerous obstacles and systemic challenges he encountered, Christopher’s determination and perseverance led to successfully reuniting with his daughter. Now a single father, he has embraced his role as a Father Practitioner, drawing from his own triumph and the valuable lessons learned on his journey of fatherhood. His mission is to educate and empower fathers, families, and professionals, fostering a sense of responsibility and promoting essential family values. Through the Sky Is The Limit Foundation, Christopher Emanuel strives to create a positive impact by supporting and strengthening fatherhood, ultimately building healthier and more connected communities.

Putative Father Info and Registries

A "putative father" is a man who is the alleged biological father of a child but whose paternity has not been legally established