Birth Mother’s Rights 

Information and statistics on birth mothers and resources for birth mothers

Birth Mother Information & Statistics

Many people have this idea that women who have an unplanned pregnancy do not want to parent their children. This is a falsehood via the adoption industry to make private infant adoptions appear ethical. The truth is very few mothers who continue on with pregnancy want to relinquish their child for adoption. The majority of the woman often are facing a temporary crisis lacking support and resources to parent their own child.   

What is Informed  Consent?

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permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
"no change may be made without the consent of ALL the partners"


What Does Informed Consent Look Like?

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Resources for Women Who Want to Parent

Sadly resources in the United States to help mothers parent and keep their children are few and far between. The support is also often disguised as pregnancy resource centers, yet those are there to help you choose relinquishment over all other options. 

SOS provides education and information that adoption agencies and other legal professionals may not explain to you. We will provide detailed facts, explaining possible risks, allowing you to make a truly informed choice.

If you or someone you know is in need of parenting resources or help after signing relinquishment please reach out to Saving Our Sisters for assistance. 

Saving Our Sisters

Safety Haven Laws & Baby Boxes

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